LYFTxUSA started as a Summer-long road trip across the United States. The idea was to travel around the country to photograph national and state parks while driving Lyft in various cities to fund my entire journey.

Sleep? My car or hammock. Shower? Camp sites and truck stops. I would live as a nomad -- Life as a rolling stone.

I started my journey on June 19, 2017 from Hamilton, New Jersey, with my first stop in Cleveland, Ohio and continuing West along the northern side of the country. After returning to New Jersey on October 10, I prepared for an encore to the Northeast where I spent five more days driving to Maine. As much as I have seen, there was still so much more that I passed over.

After taking a few months off for the holidays, I restarted my trip on March 11 2018 to visit the many national parks that I missed during Summer '17, as well as revisit many of my favorite parks and explore the Canadian Rockies.

I concluded my journey on November 21, 2018: 2 countries photographed. 12 months of travel. 46 national parks and 48 states visited. 4,183 Lyft rides given. 34,607 photos taken. 153,500 miles driven.

LYFTxUSA was primarily a photography trip, but also an opportunity to meet new people and experience life in various cities throughout the country.

This page includes some of my favorite shots from my travels.